Our awards and distinctions at international level, certify how the extra virgin olive oil «To Liostasi mou», is of excellent quality. The extra virgin olive oil «To Liostasi mou», has been tested by a group of olive oil and taste experts such as oleologists, nutritionists, chefs, food bloggers and tasters. «To Liostasi mou» has been characterized as an extra virgin olive oil with rich taste and fruity aroma. Its balance between bitter and spicy can ideally accompany green salads, red meat, mushrooms, legumes, pasta, soups, etc.

The main pillars of our product, image and business are:
• To offer the product that our family consumes.
• To offer quality with a special design.
• To believe that healthy eating is not a luxury but a necessity.
• To provide value & diversity, not just a product.
• To build a brand with an interesting story as a background.
• To have our tradition as a way of life.